I recently signed up to a package of six lessons with Dan, who I find to be a courteous, polite, inspirational, thoroughly professional golf coach. He listens to what I am saying and responds appropriately.

My handicap is 8, I am aged 62 and have played golf for about 56 years.

Initially we concentrated on wedges, which are so important, but which I have grown to fear and mis-hit so many times over the last couple of years. Even in the first lesson, Dan showed me how to control the flight and achieve a satisfying, consistent result, whether flying the ball high or hitting a pitch and run shot. I took on board what he was saying straight away. My average dispersion with my wedges is down from ‘off the scale’ to about 5%. I think that I can get it lower with more practice.

That first lesson was such a revelation, it was a bit like a ‘golf orgasm’ which lasted about an hour. Need I say more.

Next, we are going to tackling my driving, which has recently been causing me huge problems, despite having spent a lot of money on a new Callaway Big Bertha driver. I have had a fade for about 50 years, so I am hoping that Dan’s magic can sort me out. If he can, the benefits should be huge.
— John Day